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Snow and Ice Removal

Around the Clock Emergency Service

As a property owner you need to depend on a company to provide the service of snow removal, salting and providing a safe secure way to remove snow from your parking lot.  We are able to offer 24-7 solutions and we watch the weather so you don’t have to.  We have built a company that solves the problem and provides worry free maintenance to you.

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Bobcat Services

There are times when the parking lot or walkway requires heavy machinery to remove snow.  We have access to Bobcat and other services that can do the job quickly and safely.  Contact our office and the Project Manager can provide a solution for your property.  Contact us soon to ensure you are covered for the winter.  We also can move dirt and stone if you require landscaping needs.

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Detailed Snow and Salt Logs

We watch the weather so you don’t have to. We keep a log of the temperatures and days we removed snow and salted.  This is our practice and we justify our billing based upon our performance and our contracted services.  We take the worry of out winter.
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Safety, and Clarity

There is nothing more important than providing our employees a safe environment to work in with safest equipment and tools available.  As well we provide a clean sweep of properties to ensure we know where all the indoor and outdoor fixtures, sensitive areas and places were the public have access.  A safe approach to work is the best vehicle for outstanding solutions.

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Snow Plowing

We are responsible to follow the weather and the storm conditions, sleet, freezing rain and snow.  If weather conditions are unfavorable we are onsite and salting according to our contract.  We use salt logs and record snow fall as well, to provide you will a detailed account of our performance.

For individual homeowners we provide similar services and are onsite to plow driveways, salt sidewalks and clean up the property as required.   Book soon winter is here !

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