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Residential Services


Residential Renovation Services


room windows

Windows and Doors

Duel Properties can take your old and boring doors and insert something to be proud of. Our highly experienced staff are ready to take your old doors and make them new.

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paint roller

Painting and Drywall

The majority of surfaces in homes require drywall and gyprock repair. Painting a repaired surface requires specific materials and attention to detail. Our staff have the experience to offer the best solutions possible.

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Decks and Fencing

If you are interested in building a new deck consider that we can build any type of deck solution for you. There are decks for swimming pools and hot tubs.  As well there are multilevel decks with broad stairways.  Decks can be built with wood or composites, we have experience building both and we offer the greenest solution for decking and fencing.

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As part of any renovation project, we offer a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services. We have developed a reputation for delivering quality solutions.  Repairs and renovations must be well planned especially when electrical changes are included. You can rely on our building expertise, to ensure we deliver quality and safety with every installation.

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We offer Repair service for all your plumbing needs.  If you require 24 hours emergency service we can setup a contract for you.  Just contact our office and our Project Manager will visit you and provide a quote.
Of course we offer the normal services such as, repairing and replacing toilets, shower valves, tub valves, Faucets sinks and Garbage disposals.  We have an extensive inventory of product to solve any plumbing problem.

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spray cleaning


We clean exterior surfaces with a power washer but we are very skilled and do not harm the surface of shingles or decks.  If required we will use a brush and scrub the more delicate surfaces.  Our staff have years of experience in preparing surfaces for painting and staining.

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circular saw

General Carpentry

We can take your ideas and make them reality, with our highly experienced carpenters we can take that shed you planned on building and have it finished in no time.

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