Snow Removal


Duel Properties snow removal service reduces a property manager's risk of liability for slip and fall.  Our team keeps accurate snow and salt logs as well as GPS records that can be used by property managers when incidents arise.

Our snow removal services include plowing, bobcat work, snow blowing, shovelling, and salting of parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.  Our team is experienced in dealing with all conditions that have presented in Halifax and Moncton over the past decade.  We are known for our prompt 24/7 commercial snow removal services.

Property managers in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick can avoid calls from frustrated tenants on snow days by hiring Duel Properties 24/7 snow removal service to take care of all their commercial snow removal needs. If you are looking for snow removal services for your commercial property or apartment buildings, contact Duel's snow removal manager to discuss your needs.


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Snow Removal
Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Nova Scotia
The Duel Snow Removal team takes care of numerous MetCap, Killam, and Universal properties extending beyond Halifax, Nova Scotia. We keep accurate snow and salt logs for our commercial and property management companies.