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FinishCoat Painting Ltd.

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FinishCoat Painting Ltd has been serving it’s Residential, Commercial, and Industrial clients for over 15 years. FinishCoat prides itself on “Quality from Start to Finish”. FinishCoat has a large and experienced staff and can handle jobs of all sizes. Please visit FinishCoat’s website if you are interested in contacting them with questions or for a quotation. You may also ask your Vivid Paint and Decor representative to coordinate your project with FinishCoat as we are happy to help you with the all the details of your Home Decor project.

Visit FinishCoat at finishcoatpainting.com

Vivid Paint and Decor

We recommend top quality Benjamin Moore products for both Interior and Exterior applications. At the same time we have a network of products for your budget and value.

Visit Vivid Paint and Decor at vividpaintanddecor.com