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Our Work is Guaranteed

We protect the interior of your home by ensuring items are removed from the work area while large furniture is moved to the center of the room and protected by a drop sheet. We remove pictures, outlet covers, light switches etc and place them in a safe area.

Clean up: Outlet covers, light fixtures etc are reinstalled. Drop sheets are removed and furniture is put back in its original location. All work areas are cleaned.

The exterior of your home is protected by covering flower beds, and special outdoor fixtures. We make note of your exterior by taking a picture prior to the start of the job.  Our project manager will meet with you to ensure all of your concerns are addressed.  We are very safety conscious.

We guarantee our work because we follow a project plan.  The plan is developed during the quotation stage and is updated during each step of the process.  We feel our project management process has brought repeated success.  We have many satisfied customers.